понедельник, 26 октября 2009 г.

EC2Studio 1.0.0 is available


My name is Max Petrov and I am happy to announce that first version of EC2Studio (our product) is available for downloading.

Amazon made perfect cloud that everybody can use - aws.amazon.com. And java world have perfect tools for it, such as AWS Toolkit for Eclipse.

Microsoft is making its own cloud Windows Azure Platform that I am sure will be widely used in future. And of course main .Net development tool - Microsoft Visual Studio will be fully integrated with it.

But what to do such .Net developers who is dealing with EC2 now? Both companies are competitors in cloud world and I am not sure that Microsoft will make EC2 support or Amazon will take care about Microsoft Visual Studio integration.

This is why we decided to fill this gap. Yes, you can use a lot of another standalone tools to work with EC2 from Windows, so we do not want to "reinvent the wheel" here. But developing web sites or application is specific area and it put its own requirements to interaction with cloud. For example, you should not only start remote EC2 instance, but you will have to attach remote debug to it or deploy web site, etc

We started from the basic operations that you can perform now directly from Microsoft Visual Studio. EC2Studio (this is the name of our product) can work with Images, Instances, Security Groups and EBS Volumes. We also supports public/private key management that are required to start windows instance.
Take a look at full list of supported operations at our web site.

And important information is that it's free. You can download, install and use it without any charge.

I am going to make several posts here soon about details how to use our product. But now, feel free to ask me here or directly mpetrov@ec2studio.com if you have any questions.

Max Petrov